Cleeves Primary School
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School Discipline


The main emphasis is on forming a good relationship between teacher and pupil. The focus is on respect for all people and all things and on positive behaviour patterns. Encouragement is given to establishing self discipline and a corporate identity. 
Underpinning our policy for promoting positive behaviour is our 'Cleeves code', a set of rules drawn up in conjunction with children, with a view to creating a stable, orderly environment to the benefit of all.
Each class uses a ‘traffic light’ system with pupils earning ‘Golden Time’ for staying on green because they have made correct behaviour choices. A ‘Golden Time’ session is held each week according to time earned.   
Children who struggle with positive behaviour choices are monitored initially by their class teacher who records incidents and puts supports in place. Parents will be contacted if limited progress in modifying behaviour is being made so that class teacher and parent/carer and child can discuss the way forward this may then be followed up and supported by promtoted staff.
In line with school policy, persistent patterns of undesirable behaviour and incidents of serious misbehaviour are referred to the depute head teacher/head teacher so that these can be investigated.
Parents are then contacted by phone and/or invited to visit the school to discuss issues. Parental co-operation is essential in solving such problems.
Satisfactory standards of behaviour are best achieved with the successful partnership of teacher, pupil and parent. However, if a pupil is causing serious disruption to education or is not conforming to normal school discipline, although opportunity has been given to effect an improvement, parents will be notified of revised Management Circular no. 8 which outlines the procedures for exclusion of children from school.
We have very few incidents of bullying (repeated, malicious incidents solely intended to make another person unhappy) in Cleeves primary and the school fosters a climate where bullying is not tolerated. Children are encouraged and supported in bringing instances of bullying into the open to be dealt with through sanctions and parental involvement and any reported incident is dealt with swiflty and fully investigated. Follow up support and counselling are provided for all those involved.

By working together, we aim to make our school a bully free zone.