Cleeves Primary School
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Our school provides a lunch service which offers a variety of meals and snacks. Lunches are provided in the school dining room each day on a cash cafeteria basis. Pupils who pay for lunch do so on a daily basis. Money should be kept in a safe pocket / purse. Children who bring packed lunches have them in the school dining hall. We encourage our children to bring a healthy snack for morning break (NO chocolate, chewing gum, sugary sweets or fizzy drinks).


Cleeves Breakfast Club operates daily 8.00am – 8.45am. It provides a healthy breakfast and an opportunity for positive social interaction at the start of the day.


Any queries to do with Breakfast Club or lunchtime meals (range & quality of food / special diets) or any question on catering, please contact: Alison Humes (Catering Manager) – 0141 881 9531, in Cleeves.


Children and young people of parents / carers receiving Income Support, Income-Based Job Seekers’ Allowance, Working Tax Credit (where income is less than £6,420), Child Tax Credit only (where income is less than £16,105*) and income-related Employment and Support Allowance are entitled to a free midday meal.  Information and application forms for free school meals may be obtained from schools, and at:


Currently, free school meals at lunch time are offered to all children P1 – P4, however, to qualify for a ‘free’ breakfast, an application must be submitted and approved, including for children in P1-P4.


All parents / carers eligible for free school meals for their children are encouraged to register their entitlement.